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Meditation that Sticks

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Two words: Transcendental Meditation (TM). The easiest meditation that I've ever done. It works. It sticks. And there are trainers to help you get started.

I "tried" to meditate for 16 years and nothing has the staying power that this does. I used to squirm through the shortest meditations (like 3 minutes) before learning this VERY SIMPLE technique and now cannot believe how quickly my daily 20-minute meditations feel.

Best part is that you really can't do it wrong. You repeat a mantra for 20 minutes and let nature do its thing to rebalance you.

There is a fee (sliding scale) and it's not exactly cheap. But, honestly, that's one of the reasons that it's stuck with me. The fee is a life-long commitment and connection to an organization that lives and breathes mindfulness and meditation. And by forking over cash, I am much less likely to blow off my daily meditations. It's an investment that I was happy to make and it's paid off 1000 times over.

Sidebar: I'm pretty sure that I resisted meditation for 16 years because I was afraid that something would bubble up that was uncomfortable or that I would need to face decisions or actions that I didn't want to face. Guess what? Those things happened anyway. Meditation would have really helped me through it. Food for thought in case this resonates.

And here's some background about TM by Bob Roth. Bob is a TM teacher and author. He is the CEO of the David Lynch Foundation and a director of the Center for Leadership Performance. And super cool guy. He leads national daily meditation group calls -- five times a day!! -- and always has something relevant and kind to share and keeps it real.

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