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Bathroom Real Talk

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

I like to do a good job - no, an excellent job - and then move on, knowing that I did my best. You're the same way? You know who doesn't care about this POV: Toilets.

The world is full of opportunities to be irritated irrationally.

Here's my dream. I clean my toilet once. Very thoroughly. No dusty funk on the top of the toilet and spahkling clean on the bottom sides where the weird cap things hovers precariously over the big bolts. I sit back on my heels, admire my work. Pure perfection. Done so well that it never needs to be done again.

Until 43 minutes later.

Then the dust is back. The dust is always going to settle on the top of the toilet. The sides and bottom are always going to get funky. It's life in this society on this planet. There's no need to get mad about it. Rail against it. Or resent the fact that clean doesn't stay clean for long.

Turn off the bathroom light, close the door and find something more important to be irritated about.

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